Course Description

The website I built while creating this course has now made me over $500,000 and generates over $25,000 per month.  I've also build numerous other websites that generate $1000-$6000 per month using this same blueprint.  Simply put, the process works and though I won't guarantee the same results, I'm confident the course will pay for itself if you follow along and do the things that I recommend.

What are people saying about this course?

"Excellent course, realistic with an engaging instructor, quality video with the effective use of animation and clear and consistent audio. The instructors use of his own successful websites as examples and his personal resource list and experience with them are the very best. Loaded with blueprint PDF downloads. Course eliminates excuses and illustrates how to take responsibility for success by investing time and effort. Highly recommend this course."

-Bill H.

"Ron's a great teacher indeed. He's clear and to the point, no senseless talking. But most of all, he shows with real life examples: his own websites. Very, very, practical. Can't recommend it enough."

-Eugenio G.

"Very good course, well presented and thought out. Explains the concepts in a very clear way and shows the how-to steps when needed. Highly Recommended."

-Colin L.

Who should take this course?

This course is for those that want to create their own website in a specific subject or topic that they are passionate about. Otherwise known as an "Authority Website", this course is a great option for beginners because authority websites have a low startup cost and if done correctly, can continually generate income on a monthly basis.

This course covers:

  • What you need to know before you begin
  • How to complete keyword research
  • How to complete competitive research
  • How to choose the right website domain and hosting plan
  • How to make your website look good on a budget
  • How to create get content and ways to get it seen
  • Next Steps to take to further your website

What went into producing this course?

In total, this course is about 4 hours of total content. This course took a tremendous amount of work and has a very high production value. There was a team of five people who worked a total of 130+ hours on this course.

What is this course about?

Many people have tried to create authority websites before and failed. This course aims to change that. The curriculum is the exact process that I took to create my own successful authority website and can be considered a blueprint of what you should do too.

What kind of materials are included in this course?

This course has two different types of videos in the lectures.

The first type of videos explain general concepts and uses animations and call-outs to illustrate key concepts.

The second type of videos are screen recordings with call-outs that show you exactly what you need to know to use Google Analytics with your course.

Most lectures include a PDF download to assist students in learning key concepts.

Why take this course?

If you finally want a successful website that continually generates income on a monthly basis and have grown tired of listening to other people who have never actually created their own successful authority website, then this course is for you.


Ron Stefanski

Ron is an online entrepreneur and marketing professor who has a passion for helping people create and market their own online businesses. Since 2014, he's been able to generate over $1 million from his own business and wants to help others do the same.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome to the Course!

    • What is an Authority Website?

  2. 2
    • Common Website Misconceptions

    • Brainstorming Website Ideas

    • How Will Your Website Make Money?

    • Getting Started Cheat Sheets

  3. 3
    • Resources For Keyword Research

    • Most People Do Keyword Research Incorrectly

    • Free (And Time Consuming) Keyword Research Method

    • Paid (And Efficient) Keyword Research Method

  4. 4
    • Resources For Competitive Research

    • Why You Need to Spy on Your Competitors

    • Review Your Competitor Websites

    • Intro to SEM Rush

    • Competitive Research Cheat Sheets

  5. 5
    • Resources For Website Domains

    • The Two Types of Website Domain Names

    • 5 Best Practices When Choosing a Domain Name

    • 5 Things to Avoid When Choosing a Domain Name

    • Why Did I Choose My Website URL?

  6. 6
    • Resources For Making Your Website Look Good

    • Making Your Website Isn't a Difficult Task

    • Thrive Themes Tutorial

    • How to Install Thrive Themes and Plugins

    • My Favorite Theme Platform

  7. 7
    • The Value of Great Content

    • Databases - Content Idea #1

    • Videos - Content Idea #2

    • Guides - Content Idea #3

    • Product and Book Reviews - Content Idea #4

    • Personal Posts - Content Idea #5

    • How-to Posts - Content Idea #6

    • How-to Posts - Content Idea #6

    • Lists - Content Idea #7

    • Case Studies - Content Idea #8

    • E-Books - Content Idea #9

    • Interviews - Content Idea #10

    • Answering Questions - Content Idea #11

    • Infographics - Content Idea #12

    • How Often Should You Publish Content?

    • How Should You Structure This Content?

    • Repurposing Your Content

    • Consistency is Key

    • TEMPLATE: How to Structure Your Blog Content

    • Creating Great Content Cheat Sheets

  8. 8
    • Resources For Content Promotion

    • PROOF LECTURE: Sharing is Key

    • Why Promotion is More Important Than Creation

    • Social Media - Promotion Strategy #1

    • SEO - Promotion Strategy #2

    • Networking - Promotion Strategy #3

    • Paid Advertising - Promotion Strategy #4

    • Use an Email List - Promotion Strategy #5

    • Send an Outreach Email - Promotion Strategy #6

    • Guest Blogging - Promotion Strategy #7

    • How to get Your Content Seen Cheat Sheet

  9. 9
    • Resources For Next Steps

    • Let the Data Tell You the Next Move

    • Outsourcing Tasks



5 star rating

Cuts Through The Bull**** - No Filler - All Killer

Kyle Hoffman

I've purchased and signed up for other courses on the topic of building a profitable website/online business and one thing I found was a lot of over-explaini...

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I've purchased and signed up for other courses on the topic of building a profitable website/online business and one thing I found was a lot of over-explaining, filler exercises and content just to inflate the price and convince customers that they're making progress when all they're doing is busy work. This course is different. It's all actionable, straight-to-the-point steps on how to build an online business based on strategies and tactics that are actually working, taught by a professor that's actually gone through the ringer. Definitely worth the price AND MORE.

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5 star rating

Excellent and Informative course at a great price...

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Ron has outlined in detail, everything you need to know to achieve the same level of success as he did. There are many other courses out there that are charg...

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Ron has outlined in detail, everything you need to know to achieve the same level of success as he did. There are many other courses out there that are charging 4 figures for this. After going through the course, the fog has lifted and the path is now much clearer in what I need to do next to achieve success as an online Entrepreneur. I am looking forward to interacting with the Facebook group and going over ideas with other members. Many Thanks again Ron for a great course - Highly Recommended! Harry

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